LOL and DOTA Alternative Moba Game “Steel Swarm: Apocalypse”

LOL and DOTA Alternative Moba Game "Steel Swarm: Apocalypse"

The next generation of MOBA is now here. Clay Token Game Studio founders Bilgem Çakır, Fevzi Altuncu and Kürşad Karamahmutoğlu announced their long-awaited game Steel Swarm: Apocalypse. Steel Swarm, which has been in development for six years, is a moba game where hordes of machines fight in a completely destructible city. In the game, we control extremely powerful war machines called XPT. We fight using our tactical and physical skills, strengthen our tank, and hunt our opponents with coordinated attacks with our team. The game will first be made available gradually in Turkiye, and then it will be offered to global target markets.

Game Engine Unity, Its Competitors LOL and DOTA!

Turkish-made moba game Steel Swarm is developed with the Unity game engine. Although Unity does not provide as great results as Unreal Engine, the fact that quality games such as Construction Simulator and Bus Simulator 2023 were developed with the Unity game engine in the market keeps our hopes green. However, the fact that the game’s competitors are LOL and DOTA makes Steel Swarm’s job quite difficult.

Considering that the team that developed the game has played LoL and Dota for years, I think that they have well analyzed the MOBA logic and the secret of the success of LoL and DoTA, and I wish them success in their new games.

Hopefully, the game will be published free of charge on both PC and mobile platforms and we will enjoy playing it.

You can register at to participate in the open alpha process of the game and experience the game before anyone else.

Who is Bilgem Çakır?

Bilgem Çakır graduated from METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in 2001. After working at Vestel and Beko companies, he worked on the production of the play titled İstanbul Kıyamet Vakti. After working in the DirectX team at Microsoft for 6 years, Bilgem Çakır moved to Amazon, where he worked on Amazon’s Fire Phone phone design and Amazon Go cashierless grocery store projects. He has been working on game development for about 5 years after leaving Amazon to establish his own game company.

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