Paranormal Open World Survival Game “Once Human”

Paranormal Open World Survival Game "Once Human"

A brand new sandbox survival game is coming, and it has everything you want! The name of the game is Once Human. The game hosts metahumans’ struggles for survival against strange creatures and other metahumans in a post-apocalyptic world. Alone or with our friends, we travel, explore, fight, collect precious metals and have more inventory and more power. The game is coming free to play very soon!

A New Studio, A Strange New Game!

Once Human is developed by a game company called Starry Studios. When you research the company, you’ll see that this is their first game, but fear not! It’s not a new case of The Day Before. Because Starry Studios belongs to the China-based game company NetEase‘, and when we research, you can see the name NetEase on the game’s website and on the game’s Steam page. Additionally, those who participated in the beta tests of the game say that the game is almost flawless.

A Big Map, Lots of Resources and Lots of Enemies! 

After a supernatural event, the world died and humanity disappeared. Our duty as surviving metahumans is to find the source of the alien substance called Stardust that has affected the world, but while doing this, we have to move forward on a huge map without losing our minds, fighting against the enemies waiting for us.

Treant, Araksiam, Rabizex, Foul shadow hunter, Umbrella-headed woman, jellyfish-headed woman, spotlight-headed man, giant spiders, demogorgon-like creatures, living trees, walking buses, attacking turrets… Many enemies that we do not know yet are waiting for us. Be careful not to bring one of these as belongings into your safe house!

Known as Aberrants, these creatures may not be very aggressive at first, but they will become more aggressive as time goes on!

Fight and Socialize at the Same Time!

The game challenges players to deal with the pressures of the environment, from extreme weather conditions to polluted areas to monsters lurking in corners; It also offers the chance to hunt, craft, build, and more. When the world stops being weird for a while and things calm down, you can get in your car and go fishing, collect precious metals or build your dream house or safe castle.

Of course, you don’t have to do these alone! You can meet your friends or other players and create a common safe space. Let’s say your meta friend causes damage to your home, your creations will not be destroyed, they will be sent to your inventory so you can produce them again.

Additionally, when you get tired of collecting loot or hunting creatures with your meta friends, you can fight castle wars with other meta people and own new regions. But be careful not to lose what you have!

System Requirements of the Game

In order to play the game comfortably; You need the lowest Intel i5 processor, 8 GB RAM memory, 2 GB VRAM graphics card with DirectX 11 support and 50 GB available storage space. Additionally, the game requires an active internet connection.

Apart from this, the developers say that the game will not be pay-to-win, but there will be in-game purchases. Probably these acquisitions; There may be new clothes, new items, new weapon skins and new vehicles.

The game will be released primarily for the PC platform, but the status of mobile platforms and consoles is not yet clear. You can sign up for the open beta of the game on the official website or add it to your wish list on the Steam page to install it when it becomes available.

>> Once Human on Steam

And of course, you can watch the strange 9-minute gameplay video of the game right below.

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