Taxi Simulator Game “Taxi Life” Coming in February 2024!

Taxi Simulator Game "Taxi Life" Coming in February 2024!

Taxi Life, the taxi driving game first announced at the beginning of 2022 by Simteract, the developer of the Train Life simulator game, which is still on sale on Steam, is finally available for sale. Although developer Simteract is accused of being a scam developer on the Steam support page, we see with a post published on November 7 and a special Twitch broadcast on November 9 that there is actually a game out there. The sales price of Taxi Life is not yet known, but official sources have announced that the game will be available in February 2024.

What Does Taxi Life Promise Us?? 

Taxi Life offers the opportunity to drive a taxi in an area of 480 km, on a map copied exactly from Barcelona. We comply with the rules, deliver customers to their destinations as soon as possible, buy new vehicles with the money we earn, and try to increase our earnings even further by hiring new drivers.

The graphics of the game look very nice. The vehicle designs are very beautiful. The game will have game controller support. If we want, we can change the difficulty level of the game, traffic density, weather conditions and vehicle driving mode from the settings.

The map looks great. The pedestrian density seems a little low. However, the developers say that we will encounter different surprises and obstacles in the game. Additionally, when our vehicle runs out of gas or battery, we can go to the nearest station and refill our vehicle.

You can watch the latest promotional video for the game right below, and you can also access the archive link of the Twitch broadcast of the game below.

In Taxi Life you will discover:

► A large, dynamic city environment with day/night cycles and weather effects
► Realistic driving mechanics and various missions that test your driving skill
► Engaging progression system to upgrade your cabin and personalize your gameplay
► A rich story with unforgettable characters and passengers

If nothing goes wrong, the game will be available for PC, PS5 and Xbox S-X in February 2024.
If you would like to add the game to your wish list, Taxi Life Steam link is right below.

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