Free Portal RTX DLC from Nvidia to Portal Game Owners!

Free Portal RTX DLC from Nvidia to Portal Game Owners!

NVIDIA has released the ray-traced version of the Portal game free of charge for all current and future Portal game owners. The Portal game with RTX feature was released on Steam in December 2022 and is compatible with all graphics cards with ray tracing feature. If you own the Portal game and an RTX-enabled graphics card, you can download the Portal RTX DLC from Steam immediately.

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Developed by NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios, the new free DLC takes Portal’s graphics to the next level, featuring ray tracing, new high-resolution textures, and newly improved models. These improvements; It improves immersion, realism of graphics and overall gaming experience.

Portal game owners who download the DLC can optionally play the original Portal or the Portal using RTX.

Ray tracing in short; Simulating the behavior of light while rendering graphics. With a compatible graphics card, lighting, reflections, and optical effects look much more realistic in games that include ray tracing. Thanks to ray tracing, light will even be able to pass through portals.

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