Half Life Game with Ray Tracing Feature “Half Life 2 RTX”

halflife 2 Half Life Game with Ray Tracing Feature “Half Life 2 RTX”

RTX Remix, an RTX mod tool designed by Nvidia to re-offer independent developers’ games or classic old games with RTX support, brings another legend back to life after Portal! Half Life 2, which has universal fans around the world, is gaining RTX support very soon!

We cannot download and play Half Life 2 RTX yet, which is stated to be in the modding phase, but it is said that when it is added to the Steam platform, it can be downloaded and played free of charge by anyone who owns the original Half game. Life 2 is just like Portal RTX.

Since all materials of the game will be reproduced as RTX compatible, we can view this as a remastered game rather than a mod.

The RTX adaptation of the game is being done by Orbifold Studios. Orbifold Studios is a community of developers who love Half-Life, consisting of the teams behind Half-Life 2: VR, Half-Life 2: Remade Assets, Project 17 and Raising the Bar: Redux. Additionally, this community, which includes those who are familiar with RTX modding, uses hl2rtx.com for all announcements and communication requests.

The community thinks that after the release of Half Life 2 RTX, they will lead to the redevelopment of many old Half Life 2 mods with RTX support.

For those who are wondering what the game will look like when it gains RTX support, I would like to share the first look trailer released at CES2024 right below and state that I will share the download link here when the project is completed and published.

Until then, if you’re looking for something to occupy yourself, I’m attaching the link to Portal’s free RTX mode right below.

>> Free Portal RTX DLC from Nvidia to Portal Game Owners!


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