GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

The first trailer awaited from GTA 6 was released and everyone started to look for clues about the game by watching the trailer, which lasted 1 minute and 30 seconds in total, over and over again. The trailer was 1 minute and 30 seconds, but it really contained a lot of detail. So, what have we discovered about the new GTA 6 game, less than 24 hours after the trailer was released?

First Detail from GTA 6! There Are Real Stories in the Game! 

There are a lot of things being talked about about the trailer right now, but what surprised everyone the most were the scenes inspired by real life. For example, the woman with a hammer in her hand, the man who caught a crocodile from the pool, the prisoner whose face is covered with tattoos, the young woman twerking on top of a moving car, the naked man chased by the police at the gas station.

All of these are just what we saw in the 1 minute and 30 seconds video, and all of these are real-life events.

Woman with Hammer in Hand

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

The news is from 2020. The incident takes place in Los Angeles. The racist woman, who does not like her neighbor, damages her neighbor’s car when she asks him to remove the car from there, and also attacks the person who recorded the incident. The woman is detained for minor crimes and released the next day.

Man Catching a Crocodile in the Pool

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

In fact, this happens frequently in America. I don’t know which of these events was inspired by, but I think these two news stories, where the crime scene was Miami, appear to be the most logical options.

The first incident takes place in Florida. In the incident that took place in April 2021, family members encountered an alligator in their garden and called the FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) team. The FWC team comes to the scene and takes the crocodile away.

The second incident took place in Miami in April 2019. When the family that owns the house wakes up, they see a crocodile resting in their pool and they immediately call a professional team and get rid of the crocodile.

Crocodile Entering the Market

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

Here’s another crocodile news. The incident took place 10 years ago in Florida. A crocodile comes into town and goes shopping at Walmart. Considering that GTA 6’s Vice city was copied from Miami and that Miami is connected to Florida, I think we will have to be careful about crocodile attacks in GTA 6.

Woman Twerking on a Car

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

The news is from 2017. The incident takes place in Miami and for this reason it fits GTA 6 very well. Fortunately, it is said that nothing happened to the woman after this dangerous show. I wonder if Lucia will have a twerk button inside?

Naked Man Watering the Garden

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

The incident happened again in Florida in 2018. The woman who went out to throw out the garbage sees her neighbor Stuart, naked, wrapping up the garden hose, and the neighbor, who continues to do gardening naked, is reported to the sheriff. However, the sheriff, who says that he cannot do anything to the naked neighbor due to residential immunity, responds to the complaining neighbors, “You should ignore it.”

Naked Man at Gas Station

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

There are two different options in this story. One of these is an incident that took place in Canada. As you can see in the image above, a man is running on the street and the police chase after him, and the image is very similar to the game.

And there is news from Florida. The incident took place in 2022. While the man with a machete was collecting fruit naked in the forest, he came across a researcher and threatened the researcher and tried to take his clothes. Unsuccessful in this attempt, the man escaped from the area and was caught in front of a gas station thanks to new reports. The man who has committed similar crimes before is arrested and put in prison.

In order to understand which of these news was the source of the game, we need to play the game and follow the process of this event from the beginning. That’s when the truth will be understood.

Tattooed Teenager Who Looks Like Batman Character Joker

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

In this case, as you might expect, it’s from Florida. The news is from 2017. The young man, who was reported to the police for waving a gun at people in front of his apartment building in Florida, tells the police who came to the scene that he had a gun in his pocket, and the young man was caught and taken to court. I don’t know what the outcome of the court was. However, I think he may have been released because he said he was a make-up artist while defending himself in court and he took it from the bottom.

Man Sitting in the Door of a Moving Car

GTA 6 Vice City Contains Real Life Stories!

This is the latest news to be discovered. In fact, it’s not even on most news sites. The incident dates back to 2011. At that time, a trend such as car surfing or ghost riding was common, and 58 people lost their lives due to doing such things. The friend in this image also lives in Florida and while he was trying to record a surfing video in the car, he caused his car to go out of control and crash into the pole.

If this old trend is to be kept alive in GTA 6, it means that there is a possibility that someone from anywhere will attack you at any time while playing the game.

These are what we know so far. There is still a long time until 2025 and I’m sure they will share more details by releasing at least 2-3 more trailers. Let’s see what real events inspired us then and what will surprise us?

You can find the video tweet that brings together the above news right below.

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