Open World Star Wars Game “Star Wars Outlaws” from Ubisoft

Open World Star Wars Game "Star Wars Outlaws" from Ubisoft

I am someone who watched the Star Wars series very late, but became a fan as soon as I watched it. In addition, the Mandalorian, Kenobi and Andor series broadcast on Disney Plus were the productions that fueled my admiration for Star Wars. So much so that I can watch The Mandalorian and Andor over and over again. But watching TV series and movies and playing the game and getting into that atmosphere are two different things for me. For this reason, I always want my favorite TV series and movies to have games, but most productions are either not transferred to games, or those that are transferred to games do not achieve the expected success. Of course, it’s different if they can make a good game!

Why Did I Say That?

Because the producer of this new Star Wars game is Massive Entertainment, a studio owned by Ubisoft. This Sweden-based company has been owned by Ubisoft since 2008. Among the games they make, there are games such as Avatar, Division, Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed Revelation. However, most of Ubisoft’s games seem to explode in their hands. For example, the Watch Dogs series. They made 3 games, but they lost all of them. For example, the Crew series. They played 3 games, the 4th game is on the way… They are also incompetent.

They actually made games with great potential, but they failed. Perhaps the Division series could have been more successful (for example, it would have been great if we could drive a car), as well as the Far Cry series. They were only successful in the Assassin’s Creed series.

So, a great game is coming for Star Wars, but I’m a little nervous because LucasFilm Games handed this job over to Ubisoft.

However, they could have entrusted this game to Respawn Entertainment and I’m sure we would have been more comfortable.

Only the videos I watched made me hopeful, but we have to wait for August (2024) to see the result. Because many games whose videos we have watched in the past were disappointing when they were released. I hope this will not be the case. Since Lucas Film is behind it, I think they will not release the game, postpone the release date or cancel the game if it does not reach the level they want.

The name of the game is Star Wars Outlaws.

In the game, we control a character named Kay Vess, who made his living by stealing during the Imperial period. He is forced to undertake one of the biggest heists in the galaxy and becomes the empire’s most wanted list. In the light of this information, if we consider again that the game is an open world, a great game should emerge.

The character of Kay Vess is transferred to the game from a real-life Latin actress. Just like GTA 5 characters… The name of the actress who plays Kay Vess is Humberly Gonzalez. He was born in Venezuela in 1992 and has appeared in several popular productions in the past. She even voiced the character named Mercedes Martin in Far Cry 6.

Open World Star Wars Game "Star Wars Outlaws" from Ubisoft

The name of the creature we see with Kay Vess in the trailer of the game is Nix. We may have seen him in one of the Star Wars productions before, but I don’t remember exactly right now. And probably Nix will be with us throughout the game and maybe help us solve some problems in the game.

And we also have a droid, its name is ND-5. We have often seen similar ones in most Star Wars productions. But what role does he have in the game, will we be able to check him out from time to time? I don’t know..

Open World Star Wars Game "Star Wars Outlaws" from Ubisoft

There will be console and computer versions when the game goes on sale. However, the fact that the game does not currently have a pre-order page on Steam makes me feel like it may be sold on another platform instead of Steam when it goes on sale. Let’s see what Ubisoft will do.

I hope they make a good game, use the open world well, and not present us with an annoying game with lots of bugs like when Cyberpunk 2077 went on sale.

You can watch the game’s promotional video and 10 gameplay videos right below or order the game from the links below.

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