Waldschrat Studios Car Parking Games Are No Longer on Google Play!

android araba park Waldschrat Studios Car Parking Games Are No Longer on Google Play!

The most popular games on Google Play are driving and war action games. Among the driving games, the most entertaining ones are open world driving and car parking games. When we say car parking, the first thing that comes to our mind is Waldschrat Studios’ games; It comes with Backyard Parking 3d, Parking Reloaded 3d, Streets Unlimited 3d, Valley Parking 3d and Backyard Parking Stage Two. These games do not exist anymore! Because the company that developed the games was closed. When the company was closed, they removed all their games from Google Play!

The Company Has Been Closed, So Why Are the Games Removed?

I know it seems strange to all of you, the games were very good and did not require updates anymore, and even could provide regular advertising revenue, why did they take them down instead of keeping them on the air or selling the games?

Probably, the games could be played on old devices and old Android systems without any problems for years, but every new device, every new Android version and every new Google Play policy update would require new updates for the relevant games, and a fee would have to be paid to the team working on the updates. The games we have been playing fondly for years have been removed from Google Play, perhaps because the development team has completely broken away from the company, or perhaps because the development team is planning to return with their own company in a different way after a while.

Maybe all of the applications could have been sold to a different application producer at a good price, but such a path was not followed and years of effort were thrown away.

The strange thing is that the same company’s games called Mission: Driver, which they offered for sale as early access on Steam, still appear to be on sale. I’m very curious where the financial earnings of this game, which will probably not receive an update but will earn $14.99 per sale, will go.

APK Files of Removed Games!

Attention: Games may remain on a black screen on new devices. I don’t know which devices have the problem or not. However, the newest of the 5 games, Backyard Parking Stage Two, can also be played properly on new devices.

The games have been completely removed from Google Play, but when we look at the big well-known apk sharing sites, we see that they are still sharing all apk files. So from here we understand that; The relevant game company has removed all its free games from Google Play, but they have no intention of completely preventing the games from being played. In other words, we can find and download the apk files of the games and continue playing them on our phones and tablet computers. Probably, in-game advertisements will still generate income for someone, but since there is no company, we do not know to whom these advertising revenues will go.

As a result, Google Play’s best car parking games ever are no longer available on Google Play. (They were never on the Apple Store..) Are there no similar games? There is, but they have not yet achieved the quality of this game series.

If you haven’t played this series before or if you played it years ago and now want to get nostalgic, you can find the links where you can download the apk files of the games right below.


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